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10 Questions to Ask Your EHR Vendor about MIPS Readiness

March 23, 2017
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10 questions to ask your EHR vendor

  1. Is your company’s EHR system certified according to the 2014 or 2015 guidelines so my practice can participate in Value-Based Care?
  2. gMed’s® award-winning EHR system, gGastro™, is 2014 certified and our clients can participate in MIPS. We will re-certify to the 2015 guidelines later in 2017, although it’s not required until 2018.

  3. Which Advancing Care Information requirements will be featured in your company’s EHR?
  4. In 2017: Advancing Care Information Transition Objectives and Measures
    In 2018: Advancing Care Information Objectives and Measures

  5. How is your company going to help me be successful in MIPS?
  6. We are an industry leader in gastroenterology-specific content and usability, offering built-in MIPS composite score reporting, robust analytics and benchmarking reports that document your performance in real time. We also offer patient engagement tools such as patient kiosk and patient portal, along with concierge coaching and advisory services.

  7. Which Clinical Practice Improvement Area options will be included/built into your company’s EHR?
  8. gGastro features the following Clinical Practice Improvement options:

    • 24/7 access to MIPS-eligible clinicians
    • Intensive care management
    • Medication management
    • Participation in a QCDR, clinical data registries or other registries run by other government agencies
    • An enhanced patient portal that provides up-to-date information related to relevant chronic disease health or blood pressure control
    • Closing the referral loop and more
  9. Can your EHR submit the MIPS quality data for me as a qualified registry or do you (or I) outsource this to a third party?
  10. You can use gGastro’s eCQMs to generate the Quality data you need to submit to CMS. You will need to do your submission on your own, or you can hire a gAdvisor to assist you with the submission process.

  11. Is the data that I need to report MIPS automatically captured in your company’s EHR at the point of care or do you (or I) need to export this type of data outside of your EHR?
  12. gGastro automatically captures all the data you need at the point of care to build and report your composite MIPS score. A built-in, easy-to-read scorecard to show you how you are performing in MIPS is included.

  13. Does your EHR have built-in, real-time analytics reports for all MIPS categories (Quality, Resource Use, Advancing Care Information and Clinical Improvement) so I can see how I am performing?
  14. Our solutions automate the composite score elements that are used to calculate and monitor your MIPS score. We also have an analytics platform that allows you to benchmark your scores against your group and against all gGastro and Modernizing Medicine users.

  15. Will your company have everything I need to be successful with MIPS or do I need to outsource any functions or reporting to a third party?
  16. Unlike other companies that require you to use multiple vendors and input information manually, gMed offers everything you need to succeed with MIPS without outsourcing to a third party, including time-saving features like automation.

  17. Is your company offering any type of consulting or advisory services to help me be successful in MIPS?
  18. We offer two types of advisory services to clients, gAdvisor Select and gAdvisor Premium. Both options are designed to help avoid negative Medicare payment adjustments and help you attempt to obtain the highest incentive.

  19. What makes you confident that your company can help me be successful with MIPS?
  20. We are a leader in gastroenterology-specific value-based care and a proven performer with a successful track record in Meaningful Use attestations and PQRS reporting. This is important because the Advancing Care and Quality components of MIPS are based on Meaningful Use and PQRS.

Click here to download the PDF.

To learn more about our MIPS readiness, watch our on-demand MIPS webinar or request a demo.

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