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The EndoWorks® Countdown: 5 Things to Know about gMed

May 17, 2017
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The countdown is on

Did you know that Olympus® will be sunsetting their endoscopy report writer (ERW), EndoWorks®? Time is of the essence to start researching options out there to select the best product and company based on your needs. The deadline to make the switch to another ERW is March 31, 2018 which will be here sooner than you think. We are proud to share that gMed™ has been recommended as one of two preferred alternatives to EndoWorks by Olympus.

So why was gMed selected as a preferred partner? A commitment to outcomes based medicine, the customer experience and delivering tools that optimize productivity are just some of the reasons.

Here are five things to know about gMed as you start the decision making process and prepare for the transition.

  1. Trusted track record. In addition to being chosen as a preferred partner by Olympus, gMed has ranked #1 in GI EHR systems for seven years running* making their mark as a trusted leader in GI-specific solutions. Through Black Book Market Research, nearly 18,000 users ranked different EHR systems and found gGastro, gMed’s EHR system, to be the:
  • Best overall system
  • Best-of-breed technology
  • Leader in support and customer care
  • #1 in innovation
  • Top vendor for delivery excellence
To give some additional context, Black Book Market Research uses 18 key performance indicators to gather insight into the industry’s top vendors. Those key performance indicators are then subdivided by geography, market size, and software category/function. Data gathered by Black Book Market Research undergoes internal and external audits to verify completeness, accuracy, and validity while maintaining the anonymity of the client. For some more facts on Black Book Market Research, you can check out the blog here.
  1. Customized workflow. When it comes to medicine and technology, one size does not fit all just like one treatment doesn’t work for all patients. gMed solutions adapt to the unique needs and work flow processes of your endoscopy center. gMed’s ERW fully integrates into gGastro™ . gGastro is a fully integrated procedure reporting platform that combines the attributes of an electronic health record (EHR) system and endoscopy report writer in one, innovative solution.
  2. No cost conversion. With this large-scale and impending change, gMed has invested in a process to convert your existing information to our platform for free**. To give some background gMed, in cooperation with Olympus, has developed a comprehensive conversion program allowing EndoWorks customers to view and search existing reports in the gGastro ERW. This solution should make the transition seamless for current EndoWorks users. gMed knows that costs are important and gMed can help you experience more efficiency, productivity and profitability with less time, trouble, effort and expense.
  3. Selected by industry leaders. Industry leaders like Baptist Memorial Health Care selected gMed to replace Olympus EndoWorks. Baptist Memorial Health Care, an award-winning 21-hospitalsystem, conducted an extensive vetting process to determine which procedure report writer would deliver the greatest value as a replacement for Olympus EndoWorks and gMed, a Modernizing Medicine® company, rose to the top of their list. Baptist is confident that using gMed’s gGastro™ as its primary procedure report writer will further empower its physicians and clinicians.
  4. The team. Having not only a company with 20 years in the industry but having a company made up of industry professionals and leaders with a successful track record of customer success makes for a team that has your back and the knowledge to support you every step of the way.

Find out why gMed may be the right choice for you. Click here to learn more.

* Based on 2011-17 Black Book Market Research
**Free conversion from Endoworks to gGastro with purchase of gGastro ERW or Image Management. Only applicable to EndoWorks users using version 7.4.42 or higher. Additional terms and conditions may apply.
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