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Case Study: Gastrointestinal Healthcare of Raleigh, finds success learning with gBUS

  • Gastrointestinal Healthcare
  • Gastroenterology
  • Raleigh, NC
  • 2 Physicians
  • 1 Administrator
  • 20 Employees

Gastrointestinal Healthcare is a 2 physician, 20+ employee practice located in Raleigh, NC. Many practices find that the learning curve for understanding and implementing a brand new system is demanding. The team at Gastrointestinal Healthcare was no different. This particular practice had been using gCare, gMed’s previous generation EHR system for 5 years. The learning curve for them to use a whole new version was a big undertaking.

gMed understood this and in order to facilitate the go-live process for their clients, last year gMed launched gBUS, an e-learning platform that serves their clients with web-based live training sessions, pre-recorded training videos, workbooks, quizzes and release notes to assist in learning the gGastro application. Since launching gBUS, gMed has led several go-lives where their clients were able to complete training and start using the system within a few days. This new methodology also allowed releasing the trainers several days before the end of the scheduled go-live week.

Through using gBUS, Gastrointestinal Healthcare was able to successfully train every member of their team and gain a complete understanding of gGastro, gMed’s speciality specific EHR system.

“Gastrointestinal Healthcare was very successful with their go-live due to several factors. The client has three very strong super users who were very involved throughout the implementation process. The office manager set aside time throughout the months prior to go-live for her staff to watch videos, participate in live trainings, and take quizzes on the gBUS. All of these factors allowed the on-site trainer to focus on training the providers and supplying the client with tips and tricks to make charting quick and efficient,” says Briana Culver, gMed’s assigned trainer for Gastrointestinal Healthcare.

New practices find that if their staff completes their gBUS curricula and becomes gGastro certified prior to go-live, the process is stress-free and smooth, and they can return to their original patient load in a few days. Existing practices, such as Gastrointestinal Healthcare, find it particularly useful in training new staff members and in keeping up with new enhancements and releases of gGastro.

“Right from the start we involved the entire staff in the conversion process by thoroughly explaining the reasons we were implementing this new system. We made sure to explain how the configuration of the new product worked, and how each of them would play a role in helping to make the transfer a success,” says Nancy O’Neill, Practice Administrator at Gastrointestinal Healthcare.

No doubt, self-paced learning on the gBUS requires some time investment from each individual staff member, but to practices who have jumped on the BUS, the benefits have certainly outweighed the investment.

“The gBUS serves clients with web-based live training sessions, pre-recorded training videos, and quizzes to assist in learning our gGastro application. Since launching the site in November 2011, several clients have completed their go-live experiences in reduced time frames. Successful clients report that they have taken advantage of the videos, and enhanced quizzes to prepare their staff and providers for migration to the gGastro EMR and ERW,” explains Tessa Boudreaux, gMed’s e-learning manager.

Prior to using gGastro, Gastrointestinal Healthcare had to deal with many of the common issues every practice faces. Now physicians and office staff have the comprehensive tools they need to improve patient care, reduce costs and risks and increase revenue. gGastro is the only application certified for Meaningful Use at the practice and ASC. Ultimately gGastro provides a solution that thinks like a Gastroenterologist and takes the focus off practice paperwork and puts it back on the practice of medicine.

For more information on gBUS, please contact Tessa Boudreaux, gMed’s e-learning Manager at