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Modernizing Medicine and gMed have officially become one, unified team.

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But I love gMed the way it is! Why change it?
The great news is that we're all committed to preserving what makes gMed products special, to developing advanced gastroenterology-specific offerings and to delivering excellent service to our customers.
Will the gMed culture change?
We will keep conducting business in the great environment and culture we have created, but we are becoming part of a company with an award-winning culture, evidenced by Modernizing Medicine being named the #1 Best Place To Work in South Florida. Modernizing Medicine fosters a passionate culture that embraces innovation, collaboration, employee development and FUN! Like gMed, Modernizing Medicine is committed to serving specialty physicians and has a mission of making a difference through improved healthcare outcomes.
Did this happen because gMed is not doing well?
Definitely not. Our growth, leadership and track record are what attracted Modernizing Medicine in the first place. In fact, our combined team members are excited to learn from each other. We believe the transaction will only make us stronger together.
Do I need to do anything now?
No. Just continue using gMed products and services. We are here to serve you as always, but with an even bigger team.
Will you continue to support gMed products and services?
Yes. Our plan is to continue offering and supporting gMed products and services to the gastroenterology market. The gMed platforms have a long and rich history, and we’ll be pooling our resources in our plan to continue to support these products for years to come.

Over the next year, we’ll be combining teams and technologies and working to merge the best aspects of our products together, while also continuing to offer the gGastro suite of products. gMed has over 18 years of experience in this market and Modernizing Medicine has some of the most advanced mobile capabilities and outcomes analytics processing in healthcare IT. Rest assured that it’s not our intention to roll out anything too quickly. It will take time, but together and with your help, we’ll create the next-generation platform for gastroenterologists.
Who is Modernizing Medicine?
Founded by Dan Cane, a successful techentrepreneur, and Michael Sherling, MD, MBA, to improve healthcare outcomes and save physicians time, Modernizing Medicine launched its flagship Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMATM), the physician-developed EHR system for dermatologists. The intuitive, cloud-based system and native iPad application quickly captured more than 30 percent of the dermatology EHR market in less than five years.

Building on this success, the company expanded by developing EHR systems for gastroenterology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, plastic surgery and urology — employing physicians from those specialties to help code their medical knowledge into EMA.

Today, Modernizing Medicine, located in Boca Raton, Fla. only 30 miles from the gMed headquarters, is far more than an EHR company. Modernizing Medicine and its subsidiaries also provide specialty- specific billing, revenue cycle management, inventory management and other services. The cloud, mobile, and data-driven platform EMA was created on uniquely positions the company and its customers for the future of healthcare focused on quality of care.

By joining forces, there will be over 430 dedicated professionals focused on the needs of the specialty markets.

Dan and Dr. Sherling’s vision has spread organization-wide, creating an environment of innovation that’s catapulted Modernizing Medicine to award-winning status as a Forbes’ Most Promising Company, a Red Herring Award winner and the number one best company to work for in South Florida. Learn more at
What will happen to the gMed corporate brand?
gMed now operates as a subsidiary of Modernizing Medicine and is referred to as gMed, a Modernizing Medicine Company.
How does the Modernizing Medicine-gMed transaction benefit my practice and me?
The transaction in the short term shouldn’t have a significant effect on you and the way you use gMed products and services today, but you should benefit in the future from our ability to deliver innovation faster to drive greater efficiencies and better outcomes in today’s fast-changing healthcare environment. As a subsidiary of Modernizing Medicine, we can combine our best resources, expertise and gastroenterology-specific knowledge and continue to expand our products and technology to reinforce our position as a premier provider of gastroenterology-specific solutions.

Modernizing Medicine’s experienced leadership has a successful track record of building an award- winning company focused on the development of specialty-specific products and services, and Modernizing Medicine can provide additional benefits to customers through its advanced mobile and cloud technologies for greater remote capabilities, convenience and patient interaction.
Who will I contact for service and support?
You should contact service and support through existing channels.
What is the level of Modernizing Medicine's commitment to gastroenterology?
As a company with a specialty-specific focus, Modernizing Medicine is highly committed to gastroenterology. The company has a team dedicated to gastroenterology, including two practicing gastroenterologists. Julie C. Servoss, MD, MPH, is the Gastroenterology Medical Director, and Elliot Ellis, MD, is the Gastroenterology Team Lead. (Read their full bios here.) Together, under the direction of Michael Sherling, MD, MBA, Modernizing Medicine’s co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, they have learned to code software with their gastroenterology knowledge and with a gastroenterologist’s workflow in mind.
Does Modernizing Medicine have a gastroenterology product?
Modernizing Medicine has developed EMA GastroenterologyTM, a gastroenterology-specific electronic medical record (EMR) system that is currently available to small practices. The acquisition allows Modernizing Medicine to provide a larger portfolio of gastroenterology products and services along with its existing gastroenterology offerings.
Who can I contact with questions and to learn more about the transaction?
Please send your questions to:
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