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White Papers

Understanding the Industry

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and bringing new issues and innovations to the practice of medicine. While these approaches and advances are essential to progress, it can be difficult to understand their full impact on your practice. To shed light on the data and developments of the day, gMed offers insightful white papers that provide the knowledge and guidance you need to make more informed decisions. From industry insights and technology trends to practice-management guides and business support, these white papers cover a range of topics to help you translate and navigate every situation.

An Integrated Approach

One of the most important decisions your gastroenterology practice can make is how you select and roll out the systems that carry your data. You need to run your practice efficiently and meet the requirements CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) established so you can benefit from Meaningful Use incentives and prevent future penalties. After all, healthcare is changing rapidly, and keeping up with new regulations and technology can be a full-time job. With healthcare reform’s key provisions kicking in, accountable care organizations forming, ICD-10 coding soon to be a requirement and the importance of exporting data to registries growing, physicians have an extraordinary amount to address.

To ride this wave successfully, however, it’s critical that you invest in an EHR which can integrate patient data collected at both your office and your ambulatory surgery center. If your EHR doesn’t integrate all areas of your practice, you face major challenges which undercut your productivity and lower your profits.  The 50% rule embedded in the CMS Meaningful Use Rules can harm your practice from a reimbursement and operational efficiency perspective. In this paper, we will explain how installing an integrated EHR system offers significant advantages over non-integrated platforms, especially if the software is Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) from end to end. We’ll also tell you the story of two practices, one, which went with an integrated model, and one, which didn’t. This paper will demonstrate how their results differ. We think you’ll conclude that having a certified integrated system, which supports both halves of your practice, will do much to improve your efficiency.

Gastroenterology: A Look into the Future

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Keeping up with new regulations and technology can be a full time job. With all of these changes, it can be tempting for physicians to give up their independence in favor of Hospital ownership. The next few years are likely to be tumultuous ones for the practice of gastroenterology. With health reform’s key provisions kicking in, Accountable Care Organizations forming, ICD-10 coding becoming a requirement, meaningful EHR use a reality for medical practices across the board, and the growing importance of exporting data to registries, physicians have a tremendous amount to address. In this paper, you will read about some of the key trends you should prepare for if you want to successfully ride out the massive changes coming to your practice.