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Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates Celebrates a Decade with gMed®, a Modernizing Medicine Company

November 28, 2017
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woodholme gastroenterology EHR

Gastroenterology practice shares their experiences with gMed’s gastroenterology software

In August 2017, Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates celebrated having been part of the gMed™ family for 10 years and shared photos from their festivities. It was a blue and green anniversary party across their office locations, and they even featured the celebratory photos in their company-wide newsletter.

medical staff in green and blue scrubs smiling

We had a chance to connect with Administrator Pamela Isabel, MS, CMPE, and Billing Manager Tess Kirssin to learn how Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates streamlines documentation and automates processes by using gMed’s suite of gastroenterology solutions.

The Backstory

Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates, founded in 1986, is comprised of 12 physicians, one physician assistant and five nurse practitioners across its seven practice locations and two endoscopy centers throughout Baltimore, Md. The practice had been using the Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW) from gMed, a Modernizing Medicine® company, when they decided to replace their paper charts with our GI-specific EHR system, gGastro™, ten years ago. Since then, the practice not only continues to experience the benefits of a specialty-specific EHR system, but also now uses gMed’s full suite of solutions, including a practice management system (gPM™), data analytics tool (gInsights™) and compliance consultative services (gAdvisor™).

Before you switched to an EHR system with gGastro, what was the process like for physicians?

Pamela Isabel: The physicians used to transport their paper medical records in suitcases because they see patients in multiple locations. This meant a staff member at a separate location could not access those charts. This was inefficient, time-consuming and left room for error. We needed to consider an EHR system in an effort to streamline documentation and have it be easily accessible.

How did you decide to start looking for a gastroenterology EHR system?

Pamela: We were using gMed’s Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW) when we decided to replace our paper charts with the gGastro EHR system. We knew it would be a strong contender given our positive experience with gMed thus far. We performed an assessment of numerous systems and determined that gGastro best suited our needs because it had the three main components we required: it was GI-specific, easy to use and could interface with the gGastro ERW. A few years later, we implemented gPM, which has made our lives so much easier because it seamlessly integrates with gGastro. All the information is in one place, so we don’t have to search through different systems.

Can you expand on how gMed’s products aid practice efficiency while also benefiting patients?

Pamela: gGastro and gPM make it easy to track activities associated with patient care, which is a huge advantage and helps for a smoother patient experience. For example, the physician, front office or nurse can all access the same document and view who did what and when, so there is greater accountability of actions. Also, the tasking functionality within gGastro is very convenient. When we send a provider a message, they receive it immediately and can access the information from a variety of locations, including their home or when on call.

What is the process like when you need to obtain patient information in the system?

Pamela: Patient information is well-organized within the system and easily available in a variety of ways. The physician automatically receives both pathology and laboratory test results without delay, which our patients appreciate. Our referring physicians like that the reports we send are succinct and easy to read, so they can quickly take action if necessary. Also, when we enter an order, a recall is generated instantly, which is an important aspect to the GI field. Rapid retrieval of information helps us provide better medical care to our patients.

How has the billing department benefited from gMed’s gastroenterology solutions?

Tess Kirssin: As part of the billing department at Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates, we greatly value gInsights, the analytical reporting tool the gMed platform provides. With gInsights, I’m able to generate organized, detailed reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to gauge our practice success, plus view claims and benchmark our performance against others. I have the ability to drill down to the specific information I need without sorting through unneeded data.

How has this tool made you more efficient?

Tess: I used to print and mail the adjustment lists to the collection agency for each account, which was a laborious process. Now, the agency can download the information instantly. This is just one example of how the reporting capabilities have freed up my time tremendously.

How have gMed’s consulting services benefited your practice?

Pamela: As a practice, we use gAdvisor, gMed’s consultative MIPS services that provide a dedicated expert to monitor our practice’s performance and assist us with achieving MIPS success. Participating in the gAdvisor program has enabled our practice to take advantage of the government incentives made available to physicians. As compliance requirements continue to change, we are well-prepared thanks to gMed, so we can focus on our practice and our patients.

To summarize, the key benefits of gMed’s gastroenterology software include:

  • Gastroenterology-specific suite of solutions integrate seamlessly
  • All-in-one system automates processes and saves time
  • Streamlined documentation increases efficiencies
  • Detailed reporting capabilities support practice growth

Click here to access the PDF of the case study.

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